Coffee with CEO – Episode 2

In this episode, Everus founder and CEO Srinivas Oddati has an open dialogue with the founder of the Global Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Alliance, Louie Pinto. The pair talk about what Everus has gone through over the past six months, and what the future holds for the company, not just in Malaysia, but internationally as well. Pinto is a highly sought

Coffee with CEO – Episode 1

This is a new series that we launched in order to give our customers and users more of an insight as to what makes the company tick, straight from Srinivas Oddati, the founder and CEO of Everus! In this inaugural episode, Mr Oddati answers common questions often posed to him regarding Everus and goes deeper into the company vision and

How Blockchain Could Be Used in the Music Industry

The emergence of peer-to-peer technology forced the music industry to change the way it operated or risk losing out to digital piracy. In a similar vein, blockchain promises to shake-up the industry once more, but this time for the better as it could potentially iron out all the problems that have been plaguing artists and record labels for years. Here are

How Do Smart Contracts Work?

If you’re even slightly interested in the world of blockchain , you may have heard or read about the phrase “smart contract”. But apart from being the digital cousin of a drafted paper contract, how exactly do they work? It cuts out the middle man At the core, smart contracts are pieces of code deployed on the blockchain which execute

Everus Technologies set to announce exciting technology roadmap updates!

Kuala Lumpur, 9th March 2018 – Everus Technologies is set to announce exciting new updates to its technology lineup, including the launch of its mobile roadmap. Special invitations are extended to members of the press and media for this event, which is set for the 16th of April 2018. The event takes place at the lavish The Oak Room, Nexus

5 Female Industry Leaders in Blockchain

Despite there being a higher percentage of women in the blockchain space compared to the tech industry as a whole, it is still largely a space dominated by men. The list we’ve put together is not indicative of rank or standing; we simply want to highlight women that have made key contributions to this field. In conjunction with International Women’s

Could Blockchain Revolutionize Your Industry?

Disruption is key to the progress and development of any industry, and the emergence of blockchain technology is set to shake up more than just banks! The idea of blockchain technology disrupting and revolutionizing is relatively new, but large corporations are starting to take note and play around with the technology for their business. Here are five industries that are

10 Crypto Trading Terms You Should Know

To seasoned investors, cryptocurrency trading is not very different from investing in traditional stocks, apart from the extremely volatile swings! With cryptocurrency prices soaring over the past year, many newcomers are looking to dip their toes into the pool. However, the jargon used in cryptocurrency trading can be slightly daunting for rookies, and the lack of understanding can lead to

Do I Have to Buy a Whole Coin?

Bitcoin is too expensive. I wish I got in when it was so much cheaper! I don’t have enough to own a whole Bitcoin. Do these phrases sound familiar to you? Although navigating the cryptocurrency landscape is tricky even for seasoned traders, the surge of cryptocurrency prices over the past year has undoubtedly attracted more potential investors to the space,

10 Blockchain Terms You Should Know

To newcomers, the terms bandied about can often be extremely confusing, especially if they do not mean anything to the average joe. Unlike cryptocurrency and trading terminology, blockchain is often much more technical and is a whole different world. To get on the bandwagon, here are 10 key blockchain terms you should learn. Node Nodes are key to the existence,

Could Peer-to-Peer Microfinancing Be a Game Changer In The Industry?

Everus wants to change the game of financial services, combining the separate worlds of microfinancing and peer-to-peer (P2P) lending to offer P2P microfinancing. But what exactly does this entail? To explain further, we must first dive deeper into the key concept of each form of lending. What is microfinancing? Microfinancing, also known as microcredit, is a primary source of funds

5 Things You May Not Know About The Lunar New Year

With the Lunar New Year fast approaching, everyone looks forward to an abundance of delicious food, money in red envelopes, and especially the camaraderie of friends and family. Many look forward to the festive season but often don’t know much about the how and why surrounding it, or the dos and don’ts. Here are some quick facts and quirks you

10 Cryptocurrency Terms You Should Know

To new crypto enthusiasts, the fledgling world of cryptocurrency is one that can be exciting, yet intimidating. The various phrases and jargon of Cryptonese gets thrown around with reckless abandon, leaving scores of confused faces in its wake. The world of cryptocurrency is one which has similar potential to disrupt and change the way the world functions, so it is

Get your free Everus Wallet now!

Like all other cryptocurrencies, EVRs can be securely kept in a digital wallet. But unlike other crypto wallets, the Everus Wallet is closely tied to the Everus World ecosystem – this gives EVRs usability and a convenience factor that many other cryptocurrencies out there find hard to match. Here are some reasons why you should sign up for a wallet

SEC and CFTC Bullish on Future of Cryptocurrency

Recently, the heads of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) came together to discuss cryptocurrency regulation with members of the US Senate Banking Committee. J. Christopher Giancarlo, the chairman of the CFTC, spoke in favor of blockchain technology, acknowledging that there was no way it could exist without Bitcoin. He also

Where Can I Buy EVR?

Everus coins, known as EVR, are still relatively hard to come by as there are currently a little over 25 million coins in circulation, at the time of writing. As of now, EVR is available at three exchanges and paired with Bitcoin. This gives you a fair amount of flexibility to decide which exchange is best for you, depending on

South Korean E-Commerce Platform to Accept 12 Types of Cryptocurrency

You may not have heard of WeMakePrice, but the South Korean firm is one of the country’s largest e-commerce platforms. Last week, reports suggested that the online retail giant would be working to integrate 12 types of cryptocurrencies into its payment gateway for its products. According to the Korea Herald, WeMakePrice is currently in discussions with Bithumb, South Korea’s largest

What Can I Buy with Cryptocurrency?

So you’ve made a mini fortune from investing in cryptocurrency. Naturally, the thought that comes to mind is to reward yourself with some spending! Despite increased awareness of the concept, not many know where they can spend their newfound riches. Here at Everus, we’re all about making your life easier, so we’ve put a list of things you can indulge

What is the Blockchain?

Over the past year, there has been plenty of buzz surrounding cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and subsequently, blockchain technology. Despite being an integral part of the system, many are still unaware of the function and purpose of the blockchain. Here is a basic breakdown that covers all the facts you need to know. The basics The blockchain can

Is Cryptocurrency Regulation a Good Thing?

Apart from skyrocketing prices, one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of some cryptocurrencies is its decentralized nature. In layman’s terms, no single entity or corporation has full control over it, allowing owners to be in full control of their assets. While this is not true for all cryptocurrencies, the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum are entirely transparent and

Everus ALTARs to Improve Cryptocurrency Usability

Everus’ very own ATMs, otherwise known as AltCoin Automated Repositories (ALTARs) are set to launch later this year. The ALTARs will bring forward our desire to give cryptocurrencies, including our very own EVR, more usability in the real world. Over the past year, cryptocurrencies have developed a robust online audience. However, its effect on the offline world is not as

Relax, Cryptocurrency Crashes are Normal!

At the end of November last year, Bitcoin hit the US$10,000 mark which was considered to be the “moon” for many. After flirting with a value of $20,000 at the end of 2017, it crashed to the lows of just over US$12,000 right before Christmas. Demonstrating remarkable resilience, Bitcoin bounced back this year to highs of US$17,650 before plunging over

Exploring the Everus World Ecosystem

Everus Technologies Market Research Continuous in-depth engagement, observation and learning about the evolving needs and challenges of cryptocurrency users and future regulators. Wallet Development The Everus Smart Wallet is a tax-smart cryptocurrency wallet with built-in accounting software, clearly separating investing and spending functions. With KYC/AML/CCD processing, it verifies and ensures the validity of individuals who open a Smart Wallet. Security

Open Note from the CEO

The new year brings with it a host of opportunities, and we at Everus are no different. 2017 was a tremendous year for cryptocurrencies, with the topic being discussed across all spectrums of society from networking events to dinner tables. Cryptocurrencies have positioned themselves as crucial players in the fintech ecosystem, creating ample opportunities and promising high potential for growth.

Everus Goes Consumer-Centric with Debit Cards and Hardware Wallets

Kuala Lumpur , 26th December 2017 – Everus Technologies Sdn Bhd, a fintech company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, recently released the pre-ordering of two new products in their ecosystem Everus World.

Everus Mall Goes Live!

The launch of Everus Mall is the blockchain fintech company’s inceptive effort in its merchant onboarding initiative, EverMO. While initially accepting payments only in EVR, the Everus cryptocurrency, Everus Mall will be accepting payments in fiat currencies and other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin.

Everus World introduces Southeast Asia’s first cryptocurrency E-Mall

Everus wallet holders are in for a treat as the Everus Mall provides an incredible range of shopping products offered by reputable merchants. Among top brands users can expect include Apple, Samsung, and Huawei.

A Welcome note from the CEO

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Everus newsletter! We are excited that you have chosen to embark on this exciting journey with us and look forward to growing together. Everus Technologies was founded with a tremendous amount of passion for financial innovation and technology. To see the merging of two powerful industries is the exact reason we are doing

Everus Welcomes Bank Negara Malaysia’s Move to Prevent Cryptocurrency Abuse

This article was published on :   In light of the Malaysian Central Bank’s (BNM) move to enforce preventive measures for the misuse of cryptocurrency for money laundering and terrorist financing in 2018, Everus Technologies Sdn Bhd is laying out a plan to aid compliance, starting with a preliminary, multi-tier “Know Your Customer” (KYC) verification for its cryptocurrency wallets. Recent

Everus Launches Strong, Signing over 7,000 Pharmacies and a Major Clinic Chain in Russia

This article was published on :   What was meant to be an evening of pure magic and entertainment turned out to be a triple celebration for Everus Technologies as over a thousand guests at its ‘Genesis’ launch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia witnessed the surprise signing of two Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) between Everus and two independent Russian merchant networks